Thursday, August 28, 2008

Funny things!!

Remember this handsome second grader well he is also very funny. Collin was asking him about school the other night. Collin said "what did you do in Math?' Bridger answered what did I do Mom? I answered saying he did doubles and then Collin asked him what he did in English and Bridger said everything is in English. I laughed so hard I was crying. Nobody got it but me so I had to repeat what he said and I was laughing so hard nobody understood me either but finally we were all laughing. Then he goes on to say how good his is at tetherball and how this one 3rd grader won't play him cause he is so good so he is going to tell her that he has lost his talent so she will play him. Where does he come up with these things??? Kortni and Korbi I hope you enjoy the first story!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Broxton's first BIG Booboo!!

Yesterday Branson and I were playing and I had to go to the bathroom so I sat Broxton right outside the door with some toys and Branson in charge of him. Well they were playing really good and the Branson decided he had to go to the bathroom too so he left me in charge of Broxton well needless to say Broxton fell over and hit his eye on the music toy. He started screaming and then Branson started yelling at me because I didn't watch him. So I got in trouble by a four year old oops!!! Now at six months old Broxton has his first black eye!!! It's really just red but it looks pretty sore. I'm really sorry Broxton I will do better and watching you from now on!!!

A Big Thank you!!!

Thank you Aunt Jana for our new shorts!!! Bridger is at school so we didn't get him in the picture and we had to take it before Broxton got his dirty!!! Branson has worn his shorts since Monday and plans on wearing them the first day of school to show his kids!!! We always appreciate new shorts so thank you so much for thinking of us!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Solid Foods

This is not Broxton first solid food but I had to take a picture becuase it was so cute!!! He has been eating for two months now and just loves it. He gets all excited when he sees either the cereal bowl or any of the little containers that has the food in them. I did ever think he would be able to get excited this early but he does and it is so fun to watch them start reconizing things. Korbi told me yesterday that she doesn't want to deal with the mess but look Korbi isn't this just look like so much fun!!!! If you can keep his hands out of his mouth then it is not this messy but he loves his hands so what do ya do????

We love when Kalan comes home!!!

Kalan came home from Seattle last Saturday and my boys were totally excited. Kalan soon discovered that he had a shadow. Branson would follow him every where and wanted to be doing everything Kalan was doing. Every day he would ask what day it was because Kalan had told him that he was leaving on Thursday. Well when Thursday sadly arrived Branson asked me if today was tomorrow I said yes and he got pretty upset because the paintings they had worked on most of the night were not dry and that Kalan had brought his inside and did not bring Branson's in too. It was really fun to watch both of them. Kalan was building his big boy bed and Branson was watching and learning so he could build his own big boy bed too!!! Well I think he was more helping then Kalan would have liked but that's Branson for you!!! We really miss you Bubba!! even though you don't want us too we are going to come visit because you are only two hours instead for eight hours away so beware!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Progress on the house!!!

Well we have our first wall!!! Yea!! It looks so small I'm not seeing how this can be a bedroom a storage room and a bath room. I guess it will all work out in the end but I'm just that visualizing it yet!!! But finally we are having progress little by little each day!!!!

Bridger's first day!!!

What a handsome 2nd grader!! I can't believe my baby is in 2nd grade. What am I going to do now??? He had so much fun at his first day and he loves his teacher so I am really glad. I can't wait for homework to start coming home!! hahah I just hope that I will be able to help him. To be a good mom I should say that I miss him when he is at school but I was also taught to tell the truth so I have to say I am glad for the quiet while he is in school but I can say Branson misses him tons and already wants to know why school has started!!! I can't really be for sure if Broxton misses him or not but I am sure he does cause Bridger would always pick him up. We love you Bridger and wish you the best of luck in 2nd grade!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of SCHOOL!!

Well today was the first day of school and Bridger was really excited!!! Of course it took us awhile to get him up this morning but once he was up he was ready to go. I got all the boys dressed (branson was not matching of course but he was dressed) and then I put my hat on and we all went into to school to meet Bridger's teacher and see where his classroom was. I have to say I felt pretty out of place. There was so many mom's there that were all dressed up and ready for the day and here I was barely able to get everyone up and going in time. Why is it that no matter where I go I am always looking aweful??? I guess I am just not one to get up everyday and put makeup on just in case I have to go somewhere. I love the invention of hats and wish I had my long hair back so I didn't look like a boy in a hat. I just wish I could be cute for just once. Anyway enough about me I will post Bridger's first day of school picture when I get it loaded onto the computer.
Well Korbi once again told me I needed to start blogging more so here we go. Last Thursday we went to the fair and had some yummy food and went to the rodeo. It was kids night so of course Bridger got to run with the cows!!! It is quite fun to watch all the kids in the stands get out and chase after these poor cows. They are suppose to get the ribbon that is tied to the cow and then they win 10.00. Most of the kids just run with the crowd and some run away from the cows!! Anyway quite fun to watch. Then I had a friend who was in the rodeo so it was fun to watch her and then get to talk to her afterwards. It was really dry at the rodeo so Broxton and I ended up getting sick. So I have not done anything except mope around the house for 5 days and then Collin finally convinced me to go to the doctor. I am feeling lots better today and hopefully now that I am getting better Broxton will too!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Okay here ya go Korbi these are for you!!! Will you please talk to me know that I have posted something!!!!!!

I just finished reading Breaking Dawn. It was really quite interesting. I was really excited to read it but then things happened and I didn't get to dedicate the time I wanted to to read it. But I finally got to finish it and I have to say it was pretty good. I wonder with the ending if there is going to be anymore. It kindof left it open I think but maybe not. I don't want to ruin it for anybody so all I will say is that it was good. Well worth the wait.

Roaring Springs!!

This monday my mom and I took all the boys to Roaring Springs. Nope sorry no pictures we didn't have enough hands to take the boys on the rides they wanted to go on let alone take pictures so you are just going to have to imagine what we all looked like. Broxton loved the water he could just sit there all day. He was a good baby for the six in half hours we were there. Branson loves the four slide. Bridger loves the wave pool, which scares me to death because I can't always see him. Justin liked all the ones we made it to. I went on the big white one with him and I was laughing so hard at his face cause he looked scared to death but he says that he just couldn't get his breath!!! My mom took Bridger and Justin on the family one and Bridger hide in the bottom of the boat for the whole ride. What is wrong with him!!! Branson was just inches too short for the ones he really wanted to go on. He is my daredevil!!! Next year I am bringing reinforcements so Branson and I can have some real fun!!!!!

Raft River waterslide

Last monday I took the girls, Alizah and Piper, to the waterslide in Raft River. The first picture is to prove to Kortni that they did go down. I think they had fun as long as Branson or I was with them. My boys had alot of fun. Its amazing how one waterslide can entertain so many people for hours. This is the second time my friends have gone but I have only made it this once and I am so glad we went. What fun!!!!