Monday, July 28, 2008

Memory Lane
Here are the rules:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that we had together. It can be a memory with just Collin or just with Britni or with both of us. It doesn't matter if you know us a little or a lot, anything you remember. We would love to hear it!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty fun to see the responses.
Well I finally made it to 100 posts!!! I'm getting there Korbi!!! Anyway I finally finished Dr. Page's book last night. I thought it was pretty good but I think he could have made it alittle more suspenseful by not telling us that the people are being followed or what they need to know or not. Other than those few suggestions I thought the story line was really good. So once again if anybody needs a good book to read before Friday this one is pretty good.

Broxton all grown up

Look what Broxton started doing yesterday!!! I know he is alittle behind but we were so excited to watch him yesterday. But now we can't just lay him anywhere because he doesn't stay on his back for very long. I was so excited that he finally did it but now I am sad because he is growing up so fast. Before we know it he is going to be crawling aaaahhhhh!!!!!

Air Show!!!

Saturday Collin took the boys to see the Air Show in Twin. Broxton and I didn't get to go because we thought it would be too loud for his ears. It's a good thing we didn't go because they were there from 9:00 to 5:00. But I think the boys really enjoyed it. They came home with model airplanes and pins and lots of memories. I'm really glad Collin got to spend this time with the boys at something they all enjoyed!!!

Last Day of swimming lessons

My two little fish!!! Bridger is in level 3 and has done so well. He loves swimming but is not quite comfortable in the deep end yet. Branson oh my what should I say about him I think the picture pretty much explains it. This is our third pair of goggles in a week. He just insistedon wearing them but all it took was going under once and that was the end of the goggles. He loves to think he is big and loves the water but once he goes to where he can't touch he freaks out. He has really improved since last year. It was so much fun going to swimming everyday for two weeks and watching them improve everyday. I don't know what we are going to do now!!!! I'm sure we will find something!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last saturday we went to the river with some of my classmates. Bridger and Branson had so much fun on this trampoline. Branson was afraid of the water so he didn't spend much time on it but he had fun with the other two boys that were there. He did make me get in and didn't understand that I couldn't touch so I kept going under but I did keep him above water. I learned that nobody was willing to save me and that I am really out of shape!!! We had a really good time even though we only had three of us show up. My kids got to meet some new friends so it was wroth it for them!!!

Perfect egg!!!

This is for Korbi because she didn't believe me!!! I cracked an egg in half!!! I myself have never seen this so I was really excited I had to call and tell somebody!!! Korbi didn't believe me so I had to dig the egg out of the garbage and take a picture so here ya go Korbi!!!!

My excuses!!!!

I know all of you have been wondering where I have been so I will explain. We got some spyware on the computer so I have been trying to fix it and then it wiped out the cookies or whatever I needed to be able to sign into blogger so anyway by the time I figured that out I left to get Broxton feed and I guess Justin felt like I had taken enough time on the computer because he took over so here I am today trying to get caught up on everything that has happened. Last week was Collin and I tenth anniversary!!! So we took the boys out to Murtaugh and we went to dinner in Twin and then stayed the night in Murtaugh and Diane made us breakfast that morning. I know quite eventful for our tenth and yes I am still waiting for my gift???? Collin says it is coming so I bet it never does!!! Just like my mothers days gift right honey!!!! Other than that we have just been going to swimming lessons and riding down to see what has happened at the house.

The basement!!!!

Well I think it's too late to back out now!!! The first pictures are of them putting the forms up and then of course I had to have them pouring the cement!!! I'm sure these guys just think I am nuts cause I am there everyday taking pictures!!!! I am starting to get real excited but I know Collin and I have totally different ideas about things so we will see what everything turns out like!!!

More progress on our Hole!!!

This is of all the boys standing in the basement!!! The love to ride their bikes down and then around and back up again!
This is of their favorite thing!! The mound of dirt!!! I hope we end up keeping most of it for their playground!!!!

Am I a big boy now???

This is Branson's most recent accomplisment. He can ride a bike with no training wheels. He basically taught himself. Now he thinks he can ride everyone's bike. He has tried Bridgers and can ride it as long as someone helps him get started. He has been buggin me to go get Justin's bike out of the shop so he can try that also. Branson is never satisfied. He is always trying to do something more and better or bigger!!! He is just a joy to be around and I love spending all these moments with him!!!


I set Broxton on the couch to go help Branson with something and I came back to this. Do you think he was tired??? It was so cute I just had to take a picture of him before I moved him to a more comfortable postition.
Just a little update about Broxton: He is now almost 5 months old and he loves rice cereal, he smiles all the time, he is teething I swear, he laughs for me and sometimes for his dad!!! He is 13 lbs and still growing!!!! He is starting to reach for things and loves to find his feet when I make him sit. He is such a mellow baby. He loves to be outside and loves when his older brothers talk to him!!! We love you so much Broxton and we are so glad you are healthy and growing!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Host

I finally finished The Host by Stephenie Myers. I thought it was okay but nothing like the Twlight series. I had a really hard time getting into it but once I got about half way then it was better. I am hoping the next book will be better. To all those out there who are waiting for the fourth book of the Twilight I would read it first before trying to get the host. Anyway those are my thoughts on the book!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family photo

I think this is the only picture with all of us and it was taken the day we left!!! That is why all the happy faces!!!! We had a lot of fun and it is so neat to see how big our family has grown!!!

More pictures from the caves!! Also of the bellie dancing class all of the girls took!! Justin at the beach

Mom's pictures!!!

Mom and dad at Crater lake, Justin at our little swimming hole, Hanna Bridger and Justin on the swinging bridge and brave little Beck also on the bridge. Branson Alizah, Piper, Beck and Jax were not tall enough to go through the caves so we stayed behind and went for walks, had ice cream and went on more walks!!!

Our hole!!!

We came home to this where our hole should have been dug but has not yet!!!!

This is a couple of hours later!! Wahoo we have a hole!! I am so excited!!! I can't believe this is really going to be our house!!!! Later I am going to take more so we can watch the progress!!!
So this hill is going to be much bigger for the kids to play on!!!!

I'm Second!!!

Well this year we had our family christmas in July!!! We went to Oregon and stayed in some treehouses!!! We also got to see the country side. For us it was a thirteen hour drive on highways that the speed limit was 55 along windy roads. But I really have to say the drive was very worth it!!! My camera broke while we were there so I don't have as many pictures. The first and last picture is of our treehouse that we shared with Kortni and Brandon and their girls. The middle picture is of the the swinging bridge we had to use to get to my mom and dads treehouse. We had so much fun!!! Thank you Papa Goose and Maimi for a great memory!!!

Crater Lake!!!

On our way to our treehouses we stopped at Crater Lake!! This was soo neat!!! It was so beautiful. The boys loved it and kept trying to throw rocks into the water!!! It's just amazing to me that this was or is a volcano!!!