Sunday, December 11, 2011


We had a wonderful thanksgiving with lots of good food and lots of family!!! Keema and I had a stressful day but everyone else had a lot of fun!!! Us girls spent all of the day under a blanket!!! :) We didn't make it into my grandmas which was really depressing for me but maybe one of these years we can start rotating like everyone else does:) And one other disappoinment was not going shopping the day after thanksgiving. I feel very left out of everything this year but Keema is pretty worth it I think!!!

Keema's blessing!

I am finally getting around to updating this blog. We blessed Keema last sunday. It went pretty good. She didn't scream during the blessing but she had a hard time the rest of the day... I think there was just too much going on. Collin gave her a wonderful blessing!!! Her dress fit her perfectly and the hair piece that Korbi made for her was perfect!!! It even started snowing during church!!! Everything was just perfect!!! We had a dinner at our house afterwards and I don't think we could have fit any more in it!!! There was 17 kids here just to give you a hint of how loud it was!!!

This is everyone who came to the blessing:

Leonard and Debra Beck
Ryan and McKinzie Pearson and girls
Shannon and Heidi Widmier and family
Reese and Paige and girls
Paiges mom and dad
Brent and Raegan Black and family
Stephen and Korbi Ashton and Family
Bruce, Dawn and Justin
Bob and Diane Widmier
Twylla Hunt
Clay and Shannon Stephens and family
Wendell and Shantala and family

Everyone stayed except Leonard, Debra, Ryan, McKinzie, Grandma Mimi, Shannon, Heidi, Jordy, Stephen and Korbi!!!

so over all it was a perfect day with tons of family and friends!!!