Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well once again here I am in bed... This time I am going to write down exactly when everything went down hill so I can remember... You would think by the fourth time we would have this figured out but oh well.. It all started wednesday night. I came home from helping mom at the preschool and the contractions just all of sudden started one right after another. So for an hour I kind of ignored them cause I have had contractions for months so it was nothing new. By the time I started counting them and timing them I was having them every ten minutes and some were worse then others. I decided I had better tell Collin what was going on so I texted him about 6 to see when he would be home. He came in about ten minutes later and asked what was going on cause I had kicked the boys out of the house:) They needed to be outside anyway! I said well I am having contractions so of course he yelled at me for being at the school when really I was doing nothing I wasn't suppose to be doing. Well I had already decided I was not going to the hospital that night unless they got stronger and closer together so I just kept telling him I was fine and that I would tell him when we needed to go. He was really good and got our bag all packed just in case. Well through out the night they did slow down and I was able to sleep. The next day my mom took Broxton and I just stayed down but they started up again so I called the doctor and he told me to come in and just get checked to see what was happening. So Collin came home and we went to twin to the doctor. Everything checked out fine and the doctor was thinking I was just over reacting until the test came back and then he decided that I was more high risk than he orginally thought. I was like duh all my kids have come early what are you talking about???? Anyway then I didn't feel so dumb for going in. He gave me the option of staying in the hospital or coming home and I decided to come home and try the medication first cause I hate the hospital. So here I am at home in bed with medication to stop the contractions. So far everything is doing good and I am bored out of my mind. I hate that I can't take care of my kids or my house but I will do anything to be able to bring this baby home healthy. So I think it is safe to say that at 30 weeks I am not normal anymore and I have to be in bed. Not that I plan on having anymore kids but just to let myself know and to remember for when everyone asks me!!! I am really hoping to make it 6 weeks but I think I am really going to have to cross my legs to get to 4 four weeks:(