Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Should I be worried.....

Should I be worried that my seven year old took it upon himself to change his 3 month old brother??? Diaper, clothes and everything!!!1 haha I check every inch of Broxton and he seems top be okay. I just couldn't believe it!!!!
This is just an updated picture of all my handsome boys!!! I love you all so much and I am proud to be your mom!!! You all have your own little personality ( most of the time its not little) and even though Bridger you drive to fast on the 4wheeler and are going to have a serious accident, Branson you don't like wearing socks or underwear, and Broxton you like to eat all the time I would not give any of you away!!! I love you!!!

Kalan got guitar hero from a friend for graduation so everyday this is where you would find all of the boys!!! Bridger and Justin got to be pretty good at it but I am really glad Kalan took it with him to Seattle. Yes Collin and I even tried it but I have to say we were not every good at all.

Thanks Kalan for a great two weeks!! Good luck in Seattle and we will see you at the Treehouses!!!! love you tons!!!

This is on a window that was shut and locked andwhole time

Alot of you have been hearing about this big dust storm that we have had so I decided to take some pictures to show you!!! This is just one window every single window in the house looked like this. It was the finest dirt I have ever seen. I would just tap the window and it would all fall off. So crazy!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here's another story about Branson. The other morning Collin told me to chain up the dog if any of us were going to leave because he likes to chase the cars. Well Branson had him on his leash and Collin drove away to go to work. As you can imagine Branson is not as big as the dog and the dog took off after Collin. Collin had no idea what was happening so he continued to drive to work. Branson came running inside and told me that Buddy was in the green field. After several attempts of asking Branson what happened we got in the car and went looking for buddy. He ended up down at the neighbors house who has a couple of dogs so being the smart person that I am I grabbed buddy's leash through the window and tried to make him come back with us. After almost breaking my arm I decided to let him get in the car. Long story but I was laughing at Collin because he actually thought Branson would be able to hold the dog back!!!! I just wish I had a picture to go with the story!!!!
Well korbi said she was proud of Branson and his trick but I needed to post something new. I can't post any pictures because for one I don't have any new ones and for two I am on Kalan's computer because his has a bigger screen so he made it so we could have the internet on his computer. Anyway nothing really has been going on. We had a really bad dust storm on Tuesday and that has been the talk of the town to see who has the most dirt in their houses.. I have to say I am surprised at the places we are finding dirt. It's like we don't have any windows and doors. Dirt everywhere!!!! We will be dusting for the next year or so. I'm glad I could find two of my air purifer's because we would all be sneezing if we didn't have them.
Well last night we went to Al's Pizza to have dinner with my cousin Jenica. Her husband is in the military so they have been living in England. She has been traveling all over the world and made one of her stops here to see us. I don't think I have seen her since her wedding and Bridger was only two at that time so it was really good to talk with her and to hear about how she got here and where she has been. Thanks Jenica for coming to visit us and goodluck with your trip back!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Branson's new trick!!!

I think I am just a proud mom but look what Branson can do!!! I was so proud I had to run in and get my camera and of course he kept getting lower and lower but he did it with out touching his hands. Yes he did land on his bum but you have to give him credit for trying it!!!! Way to go Branson!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

New things I can do.....

I was so excited he could sit I had to bring the bouncer up and see if he liked it and he does!!! He likes it much better than the swing. I still can't get over how much he has grown!! As you can tell I am still learning this posting business and posted the pictures backwards. So anyway read from the bottom up!!!! hahaha

Wow look at me!!! My mom didn't think I would ever be able to sit in this cool bumbo!!! But I did it and my brother branson made sure I sat up straight.

I can't believe Broxton is almost 3 months!!! Everything has gone by so fast before I know it he will be walking all over the place and somehow we will have to baby proof my mom and dad's house. This is going to be quite a task to remind the older boys that their little toys are going to have to stay off the floor. Quite a big adjustment for everyone but to me it is well worth it. I love all my boys and could not ask for anything else!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New dog

Well most of you know that our cute little Gunner ran away when we had to hurry and move from our house. The kids and I are very sad that she is gone so Collin found us another dog. This is Buddy or Gunner Spunner!!! He is quite a bit bigger and loves to get attention. We are going to spend more time with him hopefully. I hope we can get him trained before too many holes are dug in mom's lawn or too many toys are chewed up!!! I am also still going to look for Gunner so if anybody hears anything or sees her running around please let me know!!! But for now welcome to our family Buddy!!!!!

swimming pictures!!!

Look at all of our wonderful tans!!!!

Kalan's Graduation

Last weekend my brother Kalan graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor in Architecture. We are so very proud of him!!! We all went to see him graduate and I think we were the only ones who had a poster. Korbi has those pictures but it does prove to Kalan that we did spell Kalan rules correctly!!! This bottom picture is of his project that was displayed in an gallery after the graduation.
This was a long drive but was very worth it to see all that he has accompliced!!! I do have to say that all of my boys traveled rather well!!! Thank you boys!!!
After the graduation we drove over to Moses Lake for Paisley's blessing. I forgot to load the pictures so on the next post I will just post the pictures. Collin and I got a hotel so we could take all of the kids swimming to give everyone a much needed break!!!!
The blessing went really well and the dinner afterwards was very good especially that desert Kortni made!!! Thank you Kortni!!!! We left Moses Lake at 3:30 and was traveling really well until 10 miles out of Caldwell when the tire on the trailer blew!! It was after 10:00 so we ended up staying at Jake's house again. Poor Jake!!! Sorry!! But we are sure glad we were so close to somebody. The boys were really worried we were going to have to spend the night on the side of the road!!! Thank goodness for family!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Broxton's Blessing

Well this is Broxton's blessing day!! He was so cute all day!! He smiled more than I have ever seen. I am so glad we didn't wait another month cause his little outfit would not have fit him.
Here he is with his proud dad. They look so much alike!!!
We were very lucky to have Great Grandpa Beck there. I think he got all the therapy he needed for that day. I am so glad that my dad went and got grandpa. It was so good to see him out and about like his old self. Branson and I miss going over and feeding him breakfast or lunch whichever dad didn't get over to do. I know Branson loved making sure he got all of his pills. We were very lucky to have that time with him and can't wait for him to come back home even though we have moved we are still close enough to go by and say hi!!!
We also had grandma mimi there but did not get a picture because Broxton fell asleep so we are going to dress him up again and go get pictures with her hopefully today maybe tomorrow!! We were very lucky to have her there also. We love you grandma and are so thankful for all you have done for us!!! Thankyou!!!
Here are a couple of pictures of his outfit. I hope you can see how cute it is. I am so glad I found this outfit I was really happy with it. He look so darn handsome in it!!
This one is so you can see he is getting chubby!!! I never thought you could love each of your kids so much but man I love this little guy!!! I don't know what I would do without any of my boys!! I love them all in their own special way. I can't wait to see Broxton's personality come out. I think he has a little bit of both Bridger and Branson in him so I might be in trouble!!!! I am so glad he was so happy yesterday!! He didn't even say a word during his blessing. Collin had warned me before to make sure he was feed and happy and he was!!! Like I said before he was all smiles!!! It's like he knew this was his special day!!!
I would like to thank eveyone who was there for us and came with food to share with us! It is so nice to have such wonderful friends and family. Thank you Shannon and Shantala for everything you do for me I really appreciate your friendship. I am really bummed I missed getting my toes done with both of you. Maybe next time!!!! Thank you aunt peggy for the jello salad!!! A big thank you to all of my inlaws who helped us move and helped with the dinner!! Especially Granny for all the babysitting and the ham and rolls we couldn't have done it with out you!!!! This turned out to be a great day so thankyou to everyone who made it happen!!! We love you all!!!!

It's time to say goodbye

Well we are all moved out finally!!!! After a long week we can finally say goodbye to the orange house!! This is a picture of the livingroom.
This is the reason we decided not to buy the house!!! I think we are lucky we didn't burn the house down.
Here is our beautiful pink bathroom that we are so glad we can say goodbye too!!!! Goodbye for good orange house and hello mom and dads house!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

My baby is all grownup!!!! We went to the doctor for his 2 month check up and he now weights
10 lbs 2oz and is 23 inches long. No wonder why i feel like all I do is feed him. He is doing really well we do have to go get an xray of his hip cause the doctor felt like it might be dislocated. She really just wants to be safe so we can go back whenever we get back to Twin. He also had to get three shots and Bridger didn't want to watch so he waited out in the hall but Branson was right there watching even when Broxon started bleeding he wanted to see it. All this surprised me because Branson freaks out at his own blood and was really upset at the nurse last time he got shots. So I guess its okay for his brother to be bleeding and getting the shots.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Okay everyone I am finally getting around to updating my blog. These are some of the most recent pictures of Broxton. I took the one in the car seat to show how much he has grown since the day we brought him home from the hospital. The one in the swing is his first time staying in the swing for more than a minute. He is getting better at that but still not long enough for me to get much done. Then the one with the white, brown and red outfit is to show my mom and grandma that he really did wear it (because he got it all wet before we could actually leave the house in it haha) then of course I had to show the I love mommy bib!!!!

Well today I had to teach school all day and I'll tell ya I am so tired. I did the Hokey Poky two times and the bean bag song two times and after being on the couch for 5 months that was a good work out!!!! I am so glad that Grandma Mimi took Broxton home for the afternoon class cause I would have never been able to do all that with him. Thank you so much Miss Mimi!!!!

No we are still not moved out of our house! Collin is over there right now getting another load and hopefully we will almost be done and just get out of there. This has been the most stressful move I have ever had and I have moved a lot of times!!! I will be so happy when this weekend is over. For anyone who I have not gotten a hold of yet Broxton's blessing is Sunday at 2:30 and again I apologize for all the thank you notes that have been missplaced. I will eventually get my life back to normal so maybe in ten years you will all recieve the thankyou notes that we lost and for now a big THANKYOU to you ALL!!! I know not very personable but hey I am doing my best right now!!!!!

Okay I am going to stop rambling now and go fix dinner or try to anyway!!!!