Monday, February 4, 2013


Well since no one reads this I think I am pretty safe to write on here! The Widmier family is expecting baby #5! Its another girl and she is do in June. So far this pregnancy has been fairly easy because I didn't really find out I was pregnant until I was 17 weeks. I think that is the best way to be pregnant!!! I am really hoping to make it to May before I have to stay down. I am trying the progesterone shots once a week to see if they help. So far all they do is make my bum hurt lots :( I am really worried about how Broxton is going to handle another baby. He is already having a really hard time because everything is not about him. I really hope he does a lot of growing up this summer cause kindergarten is going to be really hard on him. I am sure everything will eventually work out but for now I stress lots!!! We also are now being forced to finally get a bigger car. We are not going to be able to cram any more of us into our poor little Honda :( darn it! Hopefully we can find something cheap for now since we can't afford much more than that. I am still going to be working at the preschool and at the gym so hopefully I can find someone to watch both the girls. I am really excited to be having another girl for Keema to play with. I just hope they get along better than Kortni and I did!