Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More pictures of the house!!!

Basement Color!! And my doors!!!
Tile in the kitchen!!

My gray wall with the trim around the windows!!!

Orange wall against the gray wall!!!

This is what Broxton does while I paint!! It is the funniest thing ever!!! Once he wakes up he just starts jumping again!!!

Pine wood Derby!!

Our first and definitly not our last Pinewood Derby!!! Bridger was so proud of his car. Collin and him spent alot of time sanding and painting together! Yes it has quite a few coats of paint on it!! But it was a lot of fun to watch all the boys race their cars and to see all the designs!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Big Shout out to FRIENDS!!!

The masterbedroom and bathroom
Bridger's room and hopefully Branson if I can talk him into it!!!

Branson's green and Broxton's room!!!

My orange wall in the kitchen!!! I don't have pictures of the basement yet so maybe later!!

Thank you so much Shannon and Shantala!!! You two are the greatest!!! It is so great to have two wonderful people as my friends!! The reason I am sending a big THANK YOU to them is because they came and helped me paint last night and we got so much done!!! I was stressed about getting it all done so the carpet guys could come and those girls just came and got the job done!!! We went through 4 gallons of paint in three hours WOW!!! So now all I have left to paint is the living room and half of it is done it just needs another coat. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!!! Love to you both!!!

So now here is a couple of the rooms and YES I did my orange wall and I am so happy I did cause I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

He's getting too big!!!

I can't believe how fast he has grown up. Broxton was doing this all day yesterday. It was so fun to watch him figure it out. He is so cute!!! I am really sad this stage is already here because it means my baby is not a baby anymore and I really have to pay attention to where he is at and what he is into especially here at my mom and dad's house because there is so much he can get into and break or fall downstairs!!!!

10 1/2 months

crawling backwards downstairs

walking a few steps

has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom)

says dada mama

plays patty cake

gets into everything

loves to empty drawers

has had three ear infections

loves balls and anything he can fit in his mouth including toes!!!

loves to watch people and sometimes will smile at them!!

loves his brothers!!!

Shakes his head no and almost yes!!!

Loves to dance and can shake it pretty good

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Basketball game of the Year!!

This is Bridger shooting the ball even though you can't see him!!! He made eight points for his team!! They ended up losing by 2 points. But it was a really fun game to watch and I hope they all keep trying like they did today!! Way to go Bridger!!!

He's number 12 if you couldn't tell!!!

New Years Party!!

Four Families bringing in the New Year with 13 kids!!! It was crazy!!! but of course tons of fun!! We all played guitar hero and the kids all played their ds's together which was cool that they could all play the same game together!!! We also got some cards games going and Collin got a little nap in. What a good new year we had surrounded by friends!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Broxton is sick

My poor baby is so sick. I took him to the doctor on Friday and he has the start of an ear infection and a sinus infection. He has an aweful cough that just makes you want to throw up for him and then his throat hurts so bad he can hardly cry. It sounds so sad when he trys. So anyway we thought we should guve him the strong stuff to get him better so the doctor called in a perscription for Augmentin. He took it really well until early Sunday morning when the diarrhea started and has not stopped. Collin had to bring him home from church because it went all down his leg. Then by last night he had a rash all over his body and his little bum was just raw. So I have called the doctor this morning but of course they have not called back yet so we are just whining cause we don't feel good and cleaning up poopy bums every hour. What a great day we are going to have!!!!