Friday, March 28, 2008

One Month Old

Look at me I'm a month old today!!! I think I have cheeks!!!!

I can't believe a month has already gone by. It seems like I was just on bedrest and counting down the weeks and now look I have a one month old!!!! He has grown so much already and he is changing everyday. He is much more alert and is carried around by his brothers most of the day. Bridger and Branson love to hold him and their favorite is to burp him!!! Branson will hear him grunt and just go pick him up and will come and tell me "he wanted someone to hold him mom" I hope they continue to love Broxton this much in a year or so.

Broxton 10 days old

Sarah Stokes took these pictures when Broxton was only ten days old. I love how they turned out. This is just a few because my computer is picky about how many pictures I can load at time. I can't believe how much he has already changed. I am so glad I did these pictures so I can remember how tiny he was!! I just wish I had some of my other two when they were this small!! Thank you Sarah for these wonderful pictures and memories!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lia Sophia

My favorite necklace and ring.(left side)
Pink is always a favorite for everyone and these are some of my favorite!!!
Okay this is going to be a selfish post. As most of you know I sell Lia Sophia jewelry. Well since I have been on bedrest for so long I am going to be inactive if I don't turn in a party before the end of April. So if any of you are interested in ordering anything please let me know. The special for April is buy 2 at regular price and get 4 at half off. 3 of the 4 need to be pins or slides. The half price items are always your most expensive items!!! You can see the new catalog at Any of you that place an order no matter how big or small will be put into a drawing to see who will be the hostess and recieve all the hostess benefits which include 20% of the sales in FREE jewelry, any 4 items for $15 a piece, and 2 half price items!!! This is a great way to get free jewelry!!! and who doesn't love free stuff!!!!


Well I don't know how everyone elses easter turned out but ours was not the best one we have ever had. First of all I didn't get a chance to go shopping until the day before so of course I didn't find everything I wanted. Then on Easter morning my boys ended up fighting so they didn't even get what I went shopping for. Then I had bought all of us cute matching shirts so we could have a sunday morning picture but since the boys were in their rooms in time out we didn't even get to do that. So that is why I am just writing and there is no cute Easter pictures!! Maybe things will work out better next year! hahaha
I think I just need to remember the real meaning of Easter and stick with that!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Bunny

Grandma Maimi couldn't wait for easter so she gave me this cute bunny and I loved it so much I wanted to eat it!!! Yes I was trying to!!!

I'm growing!!!

Look at me I'm gaining weight!! I am 6lbs and 4 ozs now!!!
Thank you Tyson for my binkie I love it!!!

Here are some more pictures of Landon, Broxton and great grandma Mimi!! For those of you that don't know Landon is Tyson Hunt's little guy!!!


This is my cousin Landon!! He is a couple of days older than me and a whole pound bigger!!! But aren't we just cute!!

Pay it Forward

Okay I am a little behind but here are the winners of the pay it forward!!

Heather Savage

Amanda Taylor

Congrats!! Hopefully soon something will be coming in the mail for you!!!

Don't forget to continue the pay it forward on your blogs!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is Broxton coming home from the hospital. He barely fit in the carseat. I still can't believe he is home with us! He is so very tiny!
I think this is one proud brother!!! He was so excited to be able to hold Broxton. He told me that this is the longest he has ever been allowed to hold a baby!!
This is another proud brother!! But I think he is more excited that I can get off the couch and get him his chocolate milk!!! He told me to day that because I got the baby out that I can pick him up from school!! Isn't he just the cutest!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our leap year baby!!!

Broxton Robert Widmier is finally here!!! He was born Friday Feb. 29 at 1:14 in the morning!! I did everything I could to have him before midnight but he was just not going to do it so yes we have a leap year baby and no we are not sure how we are going to celebrate his birthday!!! Oh I forgot he weighed 5lbs 7 oz and was 19 inches long. He did so good that we were able to keep him in the room with us and we got to bring him home on saturday!! We have never been able to do this before so it is like we are first time parents!!! It has been really fun having him here and the boys are enjoying that I am able to get up and help them with everything again especially Branson he says that I can do it now because I got the baby out!!! I think he missed me!!!!
Thank you Aunt Jana for my take home outfit!!! My mom was so glad to have something that would fit me!!! Thank you to everyone that has helped my family while I have been in the hospital!!!