Monday, February 8, 2010

Okay so our day today was quite interesting. First off we started our day out as losing Branson's homework and I had to again tell the teacher that we lost it. But when I went to pick up Broxton at Shantala's there was Branson's homework laying in her driveway. Crazy!!! Then we are home and I start making dinner and as usual Broxton stands up on the stove and somehow proceeds to get his foot stuck. So I yell at Bridger to come help him get his foot unstuck because I have hamburger all over my hands. Well this causes Broxton to scream louder because somehow is foot in not coming out. So I wash my hands and come to help and see that his foot is not going to come out we are going to have to take the whole handle off the stove. So I call Collin to explain to Bridger where the tools are in the garage because I can not leave Broxton to go find them. So long story comes to end by Collin having to run home from work to get a regular screw driver and take the handle off. Yea I felt stupid and I am sure Collin was really wondering who he married. Now don't think our day has ended yet because oh no we are an eventful family. After awhile we start going our separate ways and I come back into the kitchen and find Broxton has crawled all the way into my lazy susan and is coming out the opposite way. I was laughing so hard and I knew Korbi would laugh with me so I went to get my phone to call her and could not find it anywhere. I looked and looked and I finally found Collin's phone so I called my phone and are you ready for this............ It was in my sweatshirt pocket!!!! hahahahahah OH my yes i am beginning to feel as though I have lost my head. And the bad thing is ITS ONLY MONDAY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids will be kids!!!

Who could image this cute little boy could be so destructive. I know everyone has at least one kid in their family that is like this so you will understand what I am talking about. He is into everything! His new thing is to clean out the draw that has pens, markers and of course crayons and then proceed to write on anything he can find. I really can't believe that I have three boys and he is the worst of them all. I mean yes my other two have had their moments but nothing compared to this one. Bridger has had to explain to his teacher about all the scribbles all over his homework and Branson has had many crying fits over his school work getting written on. So all of us have had enough of this phrase can we move on to somethingelse please!!!!!

P.S. yes Korbi I have finally found my cord to my camera so I can start getting all my pictures transferred onto my computer and then I can post all I want!!!! yeah!!!