Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oregon Coast

We had so much fun in Oregon. Collin and I, mom and dad all drove together. We left Burley with good intentions of leaving early but finding our Tom tom stolen caused sort of a routine. We left and had to stop at dads work to copy off directions and he ended up setting off the alarm so we had to wait for the police to come. So an hour and a half later we left. We made it to the Dalles at about 7:00 P.m. The boys and I went swimming. Then the next day we left about 11:00 and stop at the Multnomah water falls. Collin, Me, Broxton, Branson, Briger and Justin all made the hike to the top. Which is about a mile in a half up hill. It was gorgoeous up there and we had so much fun finding cool pictures and just hiking. The we continued on to the coast. Jake and Kortni beet us there so they got the pick of the rooms first. But really I think I got a pretty good one casue it was quiet but Kortni got the view!!! Anyway it was a pretty cool house. 2 kitchens and tons of room for the kids. The beach was cool but it was very cold. We had a few moments of sun and the last night we were there was perfect. Some of us got to see a sea lion try to come to shore and Collin got to see some whales following a boat when the fog cleared out. We went to the Aquriam and saw sharks, snakes, starfish and birds. We went to the Lighthouse and saw starfish, crabs, and sea lions again. Then we went to eat at Mo's. It was pretty good but COllin, Stephen, Brandon and Chad were the only ones who ate seafood. Then we walked along the stores and found some more seals and sea lions. Then we saw "SCUBA STEVE" he came out and jumped off the side of the pier and it was so fun the kids loved to watch him except for Broxton he started crying when he hit the water. Then the next day we took family pictures and the girls went shopping and then Korbi had to leave. (sad, sad) Then we just hung out at the house and kindof started packing cause we all had to be gone by 11:00 the next morning and it was going to be close. Yes we made and left the house pretty clean. It was sad to see everyone leave. We did get to see Jake's house on the way back and it is really cute and fun. The drive back was aweful. The kids had had it. Every hotel we passed they would say that looks good dad lets stop here. And then Broxton would say road done, done road. It was cute but not. But we are home now and have lots of memories to try to remember and get written down~!~~~