Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To answer everyones questions: Next week the doctor has told me I can get off bedrest (so I hope he keeps his word cause I am sooo looking forward to it) If I decide to go into labor before then they will just let me go. My husband thinks I am going to go three more weeks but I can guarentee that once I can get off bedrest I will not last long. There are too many things I have been thinking of doing and that needs to be done so I will of course over do it and end up having this baby. And I am also scared of how big he will be and I will not be able to handle it. What will I ever do if he is 8 lbs like all my sisters have had??? ahahahah scary for me!!! Anyway no we have not decided on a name yet and probably will not until we are in the hospital. But the boys already call him baby Brock!!! so who knows!!!

Thank you to everyone who has said I don't look that bad even though i know you are all lying to me I do appreciate the kind words!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

okay here it is!!

I hate having my picture taken so yes I do look aweful!!! This is what happens when you have to sit for 10 weeks!!! AHAHAH scary!!! So I hope this makes everyone happy cause you will not see another picture of me on this blog!!!

35 weeks!!!!

Well I guess I have made it!!! I am now 35 weeks and still no baby! So maybe this bedrest stuff is really helping. I really don't know what to do with myself cause I was pretty sure I would have a baby by now. I know I need to find more pitures to put on here cause my blog looks really boring. I actually have not taken any pictures lately cause my camera has been packed for the hospital.
Branson has been sick since last week and we can't get into the doctor until March 11th so I told them never mind I will use my mommy degree and make him better. Now of course I am getting sick so we will see how long it takes before Collin gets it and then everything will just be over for me. I don't know about all of you but once Collin gets sick it is like the end of the world. He can't do anything and he gets really grouchy. I'll probably get intrtouble for all this but I am really bored and don't have anything else to talk about. Sorry honey I really do love you!!!

I was Tagged...

I was tagged by Amanda.
Since I've never been tagged before, this is kind of exciting!Here are the instructions:
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10 years ago: I was going to Rick's college and dating my now husband!!!

5 things on my to-do list today:
Sit on my bum
watch another spongebob
read another book
finish a stitching
and then sit on my bum some more!!!

Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:
I would finally buy our own house so we can stop renting, buy a bigger car or 4 door pickup, help out all of my sisters with their debt and then travel around the world and end with a CRUISE!!! (yes korbi I will go on my cruise!!) I would also open up a house for kids who don't have any where to go or just need someone to be there for them!!!

3 of my bad habits:
washing clothes and then not folding them for a week or so
leaving my straightening iron turned on
leaving a candle burning

Places I've Lived:
-Burley, Idaho
Rexbury, Idaho
Logan, Ut
Orem, Ut
Murtaugh, Idaho

Jobs I've had:-
cashier at Ace Hardware
dental assitstant
vault person at eagle hardware
bank teller at Alpine credit Union
sales person at COmmunity Building supply
substitute at Miss Dawn's
personal errand girl for Bruce Beck
stay at home mom!!!

Things most people don't know about me:
I am a nail technician just not certified in Idaho
I loved working in a bank
I would love to be a backup dancer!!!!

I tag Kricket, Kotrni, Sarah

Sunday, February 24, 2008

pay it forward

This is fun---be sure to leave a comment if you want to play... I won a drawing on my sister Korbi's blog, so now it is my turn to "pay it forward"! This is how it works... You simply make a comment to this post in the next week and on Monday -- March 3rd I will put your name in a drawing and the three people that I draw out get something fun sent to them from me! Winners will be posted on the 6th. If you win, be prepared to PAY IT FORWARD!*must have a blog to play and be able to pay it forward.I can't wait to see who wins.... Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!

If by some miracle I go into labor I will let everyone know who won once I get back home!!! Thanks everyone for playing!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well once again I am still on my bum on the couch. I did get to go out of the house though today because I had a doctors appt. Everything looks good says the doctor but he didn't check me or anything so I guess since I haven't gone into to labor that means everything looks good!!! I think I can almost see the light at the end of a very long tunnel!! My new goal is to get to 36 weeks so I can be off bedrest and off the medicine. I am so excited I have made it this far!!! Thank you everyone for all your support and daily phone calls!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another day on the couch!!!

well here is another day that I am still sitting on my bum doing nothing. The good news is I am still home with only a few contractions!! The bad news is I am still at home bored out of my mind and my house is driving me crazy!!! ahahahahahah I have seen all the cartons that I really care to see I am caught up on my favorite soap opera for the next year or so. I have read enough books for awhile. Why am I complaining this is fantastic and in the end I get a beautiful baby for it all!!! Who could ask for anything more???? I am getting so anxious for the sleepless nights and all the crying and the diapers and the laundry!!! I am just excited!!! One of these days I will get brave and take a picture of myself so all of you can see what happens when you sit on the couch for 8 weeks straight!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Korbi told me I had to start writing on my blog everyday so here ya go Korbi!!! I am sitting on my bum just like any other day. Nothing is happening and I am doing nothing but counting down the days!!! So Korbi I hope you had a fun baby shower (which I was not invited to) and got everything Paisley will need!!! Love ya tons Korbi!!!!
okay here is a funny that Branson just did. For everyone who knows Branson, knows that he has to wear shorts and a shirt with a number on it. Well Collin just told him he had to put on a blue shirt to match his blue shorts because he had on a green shirt with his blue shorts so this is what he comes back with a blue shirt over the top of his green shirt!!! Haha dad!!!! I'm sure all of you can just picture this!!!

okay girls what do ya think???? Still planning but so far this is what we have!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

For all of you who want to know I was in the hospital last week just about to have a baby but the wonderful doctors gave me a drug to stop the labor. So I not only did not have a baby but I was so sick for 3 days. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days for the drug to fully work and then they had to get it out of my system before I could leave. So now I am home taking procardia every 6 hours to keep the contractions down. I am hopiong to make it 3 more weeks before I have this little boy who is just kicking to get out!!!! If I do go into labor again the doctors will once again give me that aweful drug to stop me. So everyone please pray with me cause I don't want that drug again.

Well this is the famous monoply game with my nephews and brother-in-law. Of course I lost everytime I played but it was fun anyway. The other picture is of the Alaska boys and my boys. Branson wants them to come play again and doesn't realize how far Alaska is. The other day Branson got a haircut and said look now I don't look like Bae!!!! Keagan and Bae both have long hair so we have to tease them alittle!!!! Well boys I can't wait for november to play monopoly again!!!!
This is our newest addition!! Her name is Gunner Suzie. The boys are loving her and she is not quite sure about them.
I am finally getting around to posting alll the christmas pictures!!! This is the tree the boys bought at the festival of trees!!! They were so excited!!