Friday, March 19, 2010

Our spring Break projects!!!

This was our fun spring break!!! All we have done is paint, and clean. My poor boys. My mom has had them cleaning out her basement for most of the week and then their dad has been having them clean up outside, clean up the garden, and help with the garage and then I have just been painting away!!! My arms hurt so bad but I got all three rooms done and I am so excited to put them together and get somewhat organized. I am taking Bridger and Branson to Boise tomorrow to stay one night to swim and have a little bit of fun before they have to go to school. Oh Korbi I couldn't get the pictures off of mom's camera so sorry I will try again when she gets her computer fixed!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Broxton's 2nd Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Broxton's pretend 2nd birthday. He is a leap year baby so he really doesn't get a birthday for another 2 years. So we are sharing grandma's birthday with her. We had a good time and Kalan will tell you I am not a good planner. Broxton loved all the attention he got for the day. I had dressed up him all cute for church but then he didn't end up going so I had to take his picture to prove how aweful he was being and how cute he was. He is absolutly a two year old. He has a temper like no other. He loves getting into everything!! He loves putting my makeup on and then scattering it all over the house. He also loves the medicine cupboard. I seem to find vitamins all over the kitchen when he gets done. Another one of his favorite cupboards is the spice cupboard. He has turned our butter into a porcupine serveral times. He is a very good cleaner though. He likes to empty the dishwasher, wash the walls and vacuum. He said he first sentence a couple of days ago. "Goodbye Bubba" He says bunny, welcome, hi, goodbye, daddy, mommy, ninny, bum, k,vroom vroom, babba, more, all done, beep beep(move please), and ruff ruff. I am sure there is more but I can't think anymore today. He got a bubble maker, a puppy(not real), some books, beads, a phone, a car, and a tool box for his birthday and money from great grandma mimi!!!! I can't believe my baby is two years old. He has grown up so fast and I love him so much even though all I hear from him is whinning and uh uh!!1 He is always so cute and loves to be with all of us. I love you Broxton!!!!