Friday, March 20, 2009

I know everyone is wanting pictures of the move in and I apologize I haven't posted anything. We did move some of our stuff and we are sleeping in our own house. But Broxton is still really sick and I am not sure what to do to get him better. We have been to the doctor five times in 2 weeks and I think we might go again tomorrow. the poor kid is just miserable. Other than having many sleepless nights we all love our house. The boys are bored though and still like to come hang out at Maimi's house. I miss having the internet alot!!! Everytime we come to my mom's house she has a box of our stuff ready to be taken out of her house. I think she is really excited to have us out especially all of our junk!!!! I still have two more bedrooms to clean out but those might take me quite awhile to do. So sorry mom and Justin you are just stuck with us for awhile longer. I will try to get more pictures and get them loaded sometime before summer break!!!! Oh my car is actually in a GARAGE!!!!! yea!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green Light!!

Good news we got the green light to start moving stuff in!!!! Yeah I am really excited!!! But I am also stressed because I hate moving and I really don't want to junk up my new house with all our stuff. But the good news to that is that the DI trailer is at our ward this week so maybe I can get enough done where I can haul it over to the trailer!!! Anyways that's all just in my dreams but I get to MOVE!!!!! I just can't get over that I am really moving into MY house!!! Yes I know I am rambling about nothing but that is how I have been all day!!!! I'M MOVING!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Broxton's surgery day!!!

Broxton in his cute little hospital gown!!! It was pink!!!
He liked driving the wagon instead of riding in it!!!

Checkin it out!!

His nurse Cindy trying to get his oxygen levels!! He really didn't like that thing on his finger or his toes!!! She had to try four different times.

Today was Broxton's ear surgery. He did really well until he figured out that they weren't playing anymore and then he kindof freaked out but luckily he was only gone from us for about 25 minutes. When they woke him up we could hear him screaming and he continued to scream until we got home and he decided we were done with whatever just happened. I really hope this helps him. I love you Broxton!!!

Lamb farm

Yesterday Broxton and I had the opportunity to go to the lamb farm with the preschool. Branson is in the afternoon class so by the time we got out there the Idaho weather kicked in and it got pretty cold and windy so we spent most of the time inside the barns. Broxton really liked all the sheep until we let some little ones out so we could get pictures and then he wasn't really into them anymore!!! We had a lot of fun and I am glad I went!!!