Saturday, January 19, 2008


And this one's for real, not like the other one wasn't, but this one Britni is really supposed to actually be in the hospital, but since she has her PhD in medicine and such she has decided that she would just go home and count her contractions and make sure that she doesn't have more than 6 in an hour. This is Korbi, Britni's younger and most important sister, writing this post for her from Washington State. She has been taking those tests every week where they tell if you are going to go into labor within 2 weeks or something. She said they're called..... fibrosis felix hubberish something, no not really she said the name and I can't remember, but anyways her test was positive, so she's SUPPOSED to be in the hospital. She is about 30 weeks and we were supposed to have our babies at the same time, but I ain't heading anywhere near done and I get to carry full term and gain another 30 punds, but wait this isn't about me..... ANYWAYS..... She was really hoping to make it to March, but being since that it is not even February yet I don't see that happening, so the little Widmier is on his way, but we do need prayers and lots of food taken to her and magazines, she'll be bored if she is in the hospital, and I think that I remember that she likes Twix candy bars, I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't complain if someone brought her a blizzard. Anyways, pray for her and the little guy that just can't wait any more. We need him to be healthy and full of as much spunk as her other little boys so that they can drive her crazy and she will realize that maybe she needs some help from her sister Korbi and then she will move to Moses Lake, Washington to be next to her, oh wait I'm getting ahead of myself, that's selfish of me, but if she did want to move here the house down the street IS for sale..... so drop her a hint if she looks frazzled. :) Think of her okay? Best wishes Britty, I love ya! Baby Paisley didn't want to share a birthday with Brock anyway, so she forgives him. I guess that you have to name him Brock now because I worte it in the blog and a blog os saved in cyberspace forever..... dun, dun, dun.....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

As many of you know I am on bedrest so I was sitting on the couch like a lazy bum watching Dr. Phil. I was quite excited to be able to watch something besides cartoons!! Anyway Dr. Phil had these teenagers on who were mattress surfing in a hay field and it so reminded me of when I was younger (ya know the good ole days!!) and we use to get snow. Anyway we would go car hooding. Except these boys were in a field with helmets on and we were on the road with no helmets on. Anyway Dr. Phil was saying how dangerous this was and I was so wishing we would have video taped our good ole car hooding days!!

Well my plan was to update my blog while my husband and kids were in Island Park but Collin took my camera with him so I can't post any new pictures. So I guess I will just write about them now and then post the pictures later.
This year for christmas the boys bought their own tree from the Festival of Trees. It has all kinds of trucks and cars on it. They were really excited about it!!! So of course we took good scrapbooking pictures!!!!

The week before christmas I was put down on bedrest so I don't feel I had everything prepared enough for christmas but the boys seemed not to notice. They told me they got everything they wanted so that is good. We did things different this year and I'm not sure I liked it very much. We had Christmas eve at my parents and then had christmas morning at our own house and then went back to my parents for an hour and then went out to Murtaugh to Collin's parents and then finally ended up at my Grandma's house. Collin said next year we have to do things differently so I guess since all my sisters have in law christmases we will too. This will be really hard for me cause I love going everywhere and seeing everyone but I guess that is one thing that Collin and I have our differences.

Collins whole family is here for New Years so they all went to Island park for a few days. I really wanted to go but was not able to so I am missing out on all the great excitement!!! The boys are really good to call and check up on me though!!!! I hope they are having fun and I am looking forward to my monopoly rematch with Keagan, Bae and Sage when they all return!!!!