Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I don't have any new pictures but Jana wanted an update so here it is. All the grouting is done, most of the trim is done just a few more around doors and in the bathrooms and that will be done, all the lights are installed so just plug ins and switches need to be installed, fireplace needs to be rocked and the outside needs to be sided and the one wall in the garage needs to be taped and the fire alarms need to be installed and then we can move in. So maybe sometime this weekend but hopefully next weekend we will see if we can sleep there. Oh all appliances will be here on friday.

Am I a bad mother???

So I took Broxton to the doctor today and yes he has another ear infection. So I am telling the doctor his symptoms and that this is his 5th ear infection and all that when he says this sounds familar especially with the widmier kids. So I am thinking am I a bad mother who is always at the doctor and pushing to get tubes put in. And then he proceeds to tell me that he would suggest tubes and asks if I have any questions of course I say no because I have been through all this twice already. He says of course you don't this is your 3rd kid. So now I am really thinking I am an aweful mother. Am I the only mother out there who has done this with all her children should I just let him keep getting ear infections and try to treat them with all my essential oils? Am I too tired to be making the right decision??? So now that I have been offended I probably won't be going back to the doctor anytime soon I will just be stocking up on diamatap and motrin. Needless to say we are going in next friday to get tubes put in. I really hope I am doing the right thing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I never thought we would reach this point!!

We can actually really move in now cause we have a working toliet!!! I really never thought I would ever get to the point where I was excited about having a flushing toilet but here we are and we are so excited!!1 I think I might even get everything cleaned so I can move my kitchen stuff in this weekend!!!! WOW!!! It's actually here and I am still in shock!!!!

Okay this little post is not going to be about my house!!! I had a friend tell me once that I was made to have boys and I was kindof offended at the time but after having to get four boys ready for 9:00 church without Collin there to help I was really glad I didn't have to do any Pig tails or braids or curls because we would have never made it. I didn't really ever think I would love to have all boys but this week I am really glad that I do and I can't imagine myself with girls. I am not one to get up early to get ready before my kids get up and I am not a big breakfast cooker so I am glad for what I have and I feel for those of you out there who get to do all the girly stuff!!!

Does anyone out there have a cure for whiny overly tired babies?????

Hardwood floor!!!!

My hardwood floor is finally in and I LOVE IT!!!!! You really can't get the effect with all the dirt so as soon as I can get it mopped I will take another picture!!!!

lights and counter tops!!!

We have three lights up!!! Yea!!! So far I still like them so that is a plus!!! This is also some pictures of my counter tops and I am so happy with how they all turned out!!! Look at my awesome bar!!!!


Korbi said she has not seen the carpet yet so here are some pictures of the carpet. You really can't tell but it does have specks in it and it is a little shaggy!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Laundry room with 2 big drawers for clothes!!!!

Master bathroom!!!

I know you all are getting sick of seeing my house but I HAVE CABINETS!!!!! So exciting!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A walking disaster!!

Ya know what do ya do???? This is Broxton's lastest thing. He has found where the food is kept and gets into it several times a day. This mess just happens to be a whole box of rice cereal. He won't eat it anymore when I fix it for him but he must like it better dry and off the floor!!! He loves the pantry with all the canned food and packs around food all day so we find cans everywhere. We also find medicine bottles all around the house and yes some of them he has been known to open. He is so proud that he can walk but I am so not ready for this and my mom's house is so not Broxton proofed!!!! I really can't believe he will be one at the end of this month. My baby is getting too big too fast. He loves to "talk" and point and bounce balls!!! If he is upset all you have to do is find him a ball!!! What a kid!!!!

Tile that I am so proud of!!!

The Man shower!! THis is Collin's project!!! I love it and I am glad he is getting his shower!!!
This is my shower and bathtub and I did the grouting in the shower myself but not the floor!!!

This is the man shower floor!! The boys did the grouting in here!!! They should be so proud!!!

This is the laundry and Kitchen and I proudly say that I did all the grouting!!! So Kortni if you decide you want tile in your kitchen I think me and you could do it in a weekend!!! It's really not too hard just a lot on your knees!!!
I just love seeing all this come together. Our cabinets are coming tomorrow and I can't wait to see them!! I hate all this hard work but it really is fun to watch it form into a livable house!!!

More pictures of the house!!!

Our little helpers!!! Aren't they just cute!!! Broxton loves going down to the house he just walks all over and finds things to get into. Bridger is a really good helper. He loves to vacuum all the dust and use the nail gun!!! Branson well he just wants to know when we are going to be done so we can leave. He is not much of a worker he would rather play and run!!! They have all done something some where. Bridger and Branson both grouted their bathroom floor!!! What good boys I have!!!!