Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catch up!!!

Ok Aunt Jana and Kristy this is for you.... I went and stole my moms computer so I could update by blog for you two!!! Wow so much has happened I am really not sure where to start. Bridger is doing turkeys this year so we have eight turkeys. They started out in our garage and were quite fun to watch. They grow so fast!!! They are now outside because it was getting to warm in the garage and they were starting to stink. I just knew once we put them outside they were toast but some how they survived and Gunner has not found a way in yet. They have even made it through this crazy weather we have been having....wind, rain, snow, and more wind. So we only need three turkeys to take to the fair so if anyone wants a turkey you know where to find one!!! :)
Let me see the next big thing I think was Easter.. The boys got irrigation boots which they weren't too excited about except Broxton. He wore his everywhere. To school and tried to wear them to church be we put an end to that!! I think they had a good day I know they all looked really cute and church was really spiritual and I hope my boys remember why we have easter!!!
I totally forgot about having Kortni's girls here. We had so much fun with them. They came down for their spring break which was a week after ours but we still tried to do alot with them. I had a girl from out ward come over one night and paint their faces!!! It was so much fun!! They all wanted more and more and more!!! Sorry Hanna once again we dyed her hair pink and it didn't come out :(
Keema and I even got in on the action!!! You can't really see it but Keema has a flower on her hand!!! I know I am going to forget something important but for now I will just move on!!! Keema is now 6 months old!!! She sits up all by her self and she has been eating solid food since she was 4 months. She is 15 lbs and 26 in tall. She is in the 75% for her height and head and 50% for her weight. She still has not figured out how to sleep all night but I am trying to work on that even though I am so exhausted. I know she can do it so we just walk around all night!! Don't ya just love babies!!! Branson is convinced she has said her first word... oh good.... that was her first few words!!! It does sound like it but she just babbles all the time. She loves laughing at the boys and gets so excited when her dad comes home!!! She does cry though when I leave the room and she doesn't stay with others very well at all. I am trying to fix her of this but I can't stand to have her cry for so long and not be able to comfort her and some have said it is too much for them so she continues to go everywhere with me. She does roll over but not unless she really really wants something. She has figured out that someone will move her if she gets stuck so she doesn't roll very often!!! A little spoiled YES!!! I do believe she is but everyone just can't help it she is just so cute!!! :)
A while ago I got to babysit my friends baby who is 6 weeks younger than Keema. It was just like having twins. Oh my am I so glad I didn't have twins. I was glad to have Branson there to help me. Keema was not liking sharing me with Kate. She would look at us and just cry until I could put Kate down and pick her up. They were quite funny and Kate was so good to just sit in the swing. They are really cute together though and I hope they become really good friends!!!
For now this is going to have to be enough cause I need to get some house work done :( But I do have to say I have great kids. We were at a funeral yesterday and Bridger had to watch 5 kids while we were in the family prayer and so many people came up to me to tell me how well he did!!! I am so proud to be their mother!!