Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Our first snow started on saturday and really hasn't stopped since. We finally got a snowday today cause its pretty nasty out there. I had to go out and get the dog from the doghouse and bring her into the garage cause it was soooo cold out there. I was up to my knees in snow. It is soooo awesome we haven't had this much snow in a long time. The only thing that makes me sad is that the boys are tooo sick to enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This year for Halloween we had staples, sickness, and more sickness. I did finally get pictures of the boys before everyone got too sick. What craziness!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Branson's staples!!

It all started as a typical Monday evening. I was going to the grocery store and all the boys were going to carve pumpkins. Well a mile away from home I get a call from Bridger wondering where I am. So I say I'm almost there what is the matter. Bridger is really upset that everyone is inside because Branson fell and hit his head and nobody is out carving pumpkins. By this time he is crying so I can hardly understand what he is saying but I did hear him say that this is the worst halloween ever. So I ask is Branson ok. No he is bleeding. So I am walking in the door and Collin says you need to take him to the ER. So I look at his head and was like ok here we go. I call an neighbor who is a nurse because Branson is freaking out about going to the hospital. The neighbor is great and says bring him on over. So we get over there and she takes one look and says yep he needs staples. She says that she just did this for another little boy in the neighborhood so she has all the stuff right there at her house. So Branson was really good and got 5 staples put in his head. This is all a new experience for me. I have never held someones hair back so they could get staples in their head. Branson says this is the worst day of his life because he had to get staples in his head.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oregon Coast

We had so much fun in Oregon. Collin and I, mom and dad all drove together. We left Burley with good intentions of leaving early but finding our Tom tom stolen caused sort of a routine. We left and had to stop at dads work to copy off directions and he ended up setting off the alarm so we had to wait for the police to come. So an hour and a half later we left. We made it to the Dalles at about 7:00 P.m. The boys and I went swimming. Then the next day we left about 11:00 and stop at the Multnomah water falls. Collin, Me, Broxton, Branson, Briger and Justin all made the hike to the top. Which is about a mile in a half up hill. It was gorgoeous up there and we had so much fun finding cool pictures and just hiking. The we continued on to the coast. Jake and Kortni beet us there so they got the pick of the rooms first. But really I think I got a pretty good one casue it was quiet but Kortni got the view!!! Anyway it was a pretty cool house. 2 kitchens and tons of room for the kids. The beach was cool but it was very cold. We had a few moments of sun and the last night we were there was perfect. Some of us got to see a sea lion try to come to shore and Collin got to see some whales following a boat when the fog cleared out. We went to the Aquriam and saw sharks, snakes, starfish and birds. We went to the Lighthouse and saw starfish, crabs, and sea lions again. Then we went to eat at Mo's. It was pretty good but COllin, Stephen, Brandon and Chad were the only ones who ate seafood. Then we walked along the stores and found some more seals and sea lions. Then we saw "SCUBA STEVE" he came out and jumped off the side of the pier and it was so fun the kids loved to watch him except for Broxton he started crying when he hit the water. Then the next day we took family pictures and the girls went shopping and then Korbi had to leave. (sad, sad) Then we just hung out at the house and kindof started packing cause we all had to be gone by 11:00 the next morning and it was going to be close. Yes we made and left the house pretty clean. It was sad to see everyone leave. We did get to see Jake's house on the way back and it is really cute and fun. The drive back was aweful. The kids had had it. Every hotel we passed they would say that looks good dad lets stop here. And then Broxton would say road done, done road. It was cute but not. But we are home now and have lots of memories to try to remember and get written down~!~~~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bridger's Accident

Once again Bridger has been in a 4-wheeler accident except this time he was not driving. And he got hurt worse this time. He came home just screaming and panicky. Had hurt his leg and he couldn't put any pressure on it. It ended up just being badly bruised but we have to make sure it doesn't swell up. After a long histerical hour we got him in bed and calmed down. He was also in shock so he was cold and he wanted to go to sleep but we wanted to make sure he didn't have a concussion first. I think it was a pretty good warning about what could really happen when you are driving to fast. I am glad he is not badly hurt but I feel bad that he might not be able to play in his tournament baseball game.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Craft Projects

Jake this is for you. This is my mess that I am in and some of the things I have finished. I still have a lot to do before saturday I just hope I get them done and they sell. I also hope I can continue my crafteness!!!!


I mean really who could not love this kid!!!!

My Birthday!!!

My boys are so much fun. They made me a cake and cupcakes and had a birthday party just with them and me. They even bought me the best presents!!! I got a milky way bar, flipflops, and a shovel for the flowers. I love my boys so much:) So please remind me of this when I am so not going to make it:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun Weekend

This last Friday we got a call from Collin's brother Teague saying he was here. So we headed out to Murtaugh to see him and we surprised by two of his boys being there also. My boys were so excited!!! It has been two years since we have seen them and man have they grown. Bae towers over me so does Sage. I can't believe how tall they are. So make a long story short we had a great weekend spending all of our time with these boys and teague and katelynn. On Sunday we went to Kimberly cause Shannon was put in as the Bishop in their ward. Then we spent the rest of the day at Granny's house. We ended up outside saddling one of the mules and Broxton was so excited he ran right out into the pasture under the electic fence(which was on) but it had no effect on him. He stayed on Merna and keep saying "merna come on" It was so cute. He is talking so much it is crazy. So now he goes aroung the house saying "come on merna, merna come on."

So Teague, Katelynn, Bae and Sage thanks for the great surprise!!! Hope you all get home safely and we can't wait to see you all again in July!! We are excited that Keagan will get to come this time!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Easter was so fun this year. Boys were so excited. Broxton I think found more eggs than the other boys did. He was going crazy. We had Easter here and then we went to Grandma mimi's house to eat and then we found eggs there too and then we went out to Murtaugh. We had a good time at Mimi's. It was good to get together and just be a family. It would be nice to do that every month but I doubt that would happen.... Anyway here are some great pictures of the boys.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our spring Break projects!!!

This was our fun spring break!!! All we have done is paint, and clean. My poor boys. My mom has had them cleaning out her basement for most of the week and then their dad has been having them clean up outside, clean up the garden, and help with the garage and then I have just been painting away!!! My arms hurt so bad but I got all three rooms done and I am so excited to put them together and get somewhat organized. I am taking Bridger and Branson to Boise tomorrow to stay one night to swim and have a little bit of fun before they have to go to school. Oh Korbi I couldn't get the pictures off of mom's camera so sorry I will try again when she gets her computer fixed!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Broxton's 2nd Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Broxton's pretend 2nd birthday. He is a leap year baby so he really doesn't get a birthday for another 2 years. So we are sharing grandma's birthday with her. We had a good time and Kalan will tell you I am not a good planner. Broxton loved all the attention he got for the day. I had dressed up him all cute for church but then he didn't end up going so I had to take his picture to prove how aweful he was being and how cute he was. He is absolutly a two year old. He has a temper like no other. He loves getting into everything!! He loves putting my makeup on and then scattering it all over the house. He also loves the medicine cupboard. I seem to find vitamins all over the kitchen when he gets done. Another one of his favorite cupboards is the spice cupboard. He has turned our butter into a porcupine serveral times. He is a very good cleaner though. He likes to empty the dishwasher, wash the walls and vacuum. He said he first sentence a couple of days ago. "Goodbye Bubba" He says bunny, welcome, hi, goodbye, daddy, mommy, ninny, bum, k,vroom vroom, babba, more, all done, beep beep(move please), and ruff ruff. I am sure there is more but I can't think anymore today. He got a bubble maker, a puppy(not real), some books, beads, a phone, a car, and a tool box for his birthday and money from great grandma mimi!!!! I can't believe my baby is two years old. He has grown up so fast and I love him so much even though all I hear from him is whinning and uh uh!!1 He is always so cute and loves to be with all of us. I love you Broxton!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Okay so our day today was quite interesting. First off we started our day out as losing Branson's homework and I had to again tell the teacher that we lost it. But when I went to pick up Broxton at Shantala's there was Branson's homework laying in her driveway. Crazy!!! Then we are home and I start making dinner and as usual Broxton stands up on the stove and somehow proceeds to get his foot stuck. So I yell at Bridger to come help him get his foot unstuck because I have hamburger all over my hands. Well this causes Broxton to scream louder because somehow is foot in not coming out. So I wash my hands and come to help and see that his foot is not going to come out we are going to have to take the whole handle off the stove. So I call Collin to explain to Bridger where the tools are in the garage because I can not leave Broxton to go find them. So long story comes to end by Collin having to run home from work to get a regular screw driver and take the handle off. Yea I felt stupid and I am sure Collin was really wondering who he married. Now don't think our day has ended yet because oh no we are an eventful family. After awhile we start going our separate ways and I come back into the kitchen and find Broxton has crawled all the way into my lazy susan and is coming out the opposite way. I was laughing so hard and I knew Korbi would laugh with me so I went to get my phone to call her and could not find it anywhere. I looked and looked and I finally found Collin's phone so I called my phone and are you ready for this............ It was in my sweatshirt pocket!!!! hahahahahah OH my yes i am beginning to feel as though I have lost my head. And the bad thing is ITS ONLY MONDAY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids will be kids!!!

Who could image this cute little boy could be so destructive. I know everyone has at least one kid in their family that is like this so you will understand what I am talking about. He is into everything! His new thing is to clean out the draw that has pens, markers and of course crayons and then proceed to write on anything he can find. I really can't believe that I have three boys and he is the worst of them all. I mean yes my other two have had their moments but nothing compared to this one. Bridger has had to explain to his teacher about all the scribbles all over his homework and Branson has had many crying fits over his school work getting written on. So all of us have had enough of this phrase can we move on to somethingelse please!!!!!

P.S. yes Korbi I have finally found my cord to my camera so I can start getting all my pictures transferred onto my computer and then I can post all I want!!!! yeah!!!