Sunday, August 28, 2011

School 2011-2012

Well the dreaded day has finally come... School starts tomorrow. Bridger will be starting 5th grade and Branson will be starting 2nd grade. This will be the first year that Branson will be in school that I am not there with him... For some reason I feel very protective of him and am having a very hard time this year not being able to be with him this year. I think I am having a harder time than the boys are but I am sure they will be fine and Broxton and I will be here waiting for them when they get off the bus :) Collin gave them both a fathers blessing and it was so cute Broxton had to have one too because he is starting preschool. He is so excited and I think it will be a long week cause he doesn't start until next week. I love it when they are excited about school!!! It makes it so much more easier to send them off:)

On a different note I am still doing well and the doctor does not feel like bedrest is necessary. He said to just hold my breathe for 6 more weeks... so I am just acting like a normal prego woman and going about my business... I am glad to be able to get everything done. I am truly hoping that Collin will get Bridger's room finished so I can get everyone moved into the right rooms and have a place for this poor little girls clothes. I just want to have everything ready so I am glad I am not on bedrest but if I go longer than 36 weeks then I might go crazy:) Not that it wouldn't be nice to have a big healthy baby but I am not prepared for this and all her clothes will be tooo small:( So here we are once again at a very confusing situation....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Journal 8/15/2011

Ok this is going to turn into my journal for awhile. Who ever said being pregnant was fun??? I totally disagree... I so miss just being able to go do whatever I want. I know that I am not a normal pregnant person because if I want a healthy baby I have to be very careful but really....Pregnancy is soooo uncomfortable and your clothes are always tooo small even though they fit just a few days before:) I hate not being able to sleep and having heartburn is just killing me. I really don't have any idea how I am going to make it 9 more weeks and that is pushing it.. I am sooo bored and I hate sitting around being so lazy but I don't feel like doing anything else either. Yes I know go ahead and say it I am just whinning and yes I need a violin and cheese to go with it!!! I just needed to get it all out and hopefully I can move past this depression because really I am sooo excited for this little girl to join our family:) Its going to be really different having a girl in the house but I am obsessing already with all the cute bows and girls stuff!!! I am loving the change!!!! So yes I am excited but no I am not looking forward to the next few weeks of staying "rested"