Sunday, January 8, 2012

Broxton's broken arm!

Well today Broxton broke his arm by rolling off the couch. We had only be home from church for about 45 min. When Collin came upstairs saying Britni we have to go to the emergency room Broxton just broke his arm. So I called my dad and told him to get down here and then off we go. Broxton cried all the way in and when we were checking in and then once we got in the room with cartoons he was fine as long as no one touched his arm. He screamed during the x-ray, which I dont blame him. Then they had to give him an IV and that really got him curious and then he say the needle and the crying started again. Dr. Peterson came in and they started the drugs, once he was almost out Dr. Joe set his arm and it was over just like that and Broxton started getting really talkative. He kept saying it tickles, it tickles. He was really funny!! Now everything is I cant do that cause I broke my arm!!! I don't really understand how he can jump off every piece of furniture we have and then he breaks his arm by rolling off the couch ..... ummmm????? I am very surprised this is our first broken arm or bone or anything!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Jana this post is for you!!! Just a couple of updates on Keema!! She is finally 10 lbs and doing good... She loves to smile and just look at herself in the mirror!!! She is finally liking her swing when she's in the mood!!! She is out growing the newborn clothes and I can put her down for longer than 2 seconds and she will just talk and talk to herself and anyone that will talk back!!! She is a better picture taker than the boys are. She will look and the camera and follow it!!! Really fun to take pictures of her so she already has more than the boys!! sorry boys :(


This is christmas in a nutshell!! I have tons of pictures but I don't want to wait for them to load!! We started out at mom and dad's for christmas eve... We had dinner with the missionaries and then played bingo and don't eat rudolf... The we headed home and waited for Santa!! The boys woke up at about 8 and we had to hurry through christmas to get to church on time at 10.. We had a very nice christmas and the little church meeting made it even better... I do have to admit I was not excited about getting ready to go to church but was very glad we went. It was a very nice touch to remind us all about what the true meaning of Christmas really is!!! Then we went to mom and dads again to open more gifts and play for awhile and then we went to grandma mimi's house and this I do believe was the first year ever that we were there before any of the other Hunts!!! They are always waiting on the "Becks" but this year we got to wait on the "Hunts" Thank you Kaela!!! Love it!!! We had a very nice time at grandma's and really enjoyed watching her open her gifts that she never wants!!! Love you soo much grandma!!!! Kortni and I really got her this year though and I hope she doesn't hate us too much!!! Keema made this christmas a lot of fun with her smiles and everyone spoiling her so much!!! Broxton was really fun too he got so excited he opened alot of everyone's presents!!! Love that we got to spend so much time with family on different days!!! It was so much better!!! Love it all and all my family!!!!