Thursday, June 23, 2011


I just love summer especially since we get to live at the ball park!!! Haha!!! It has actually been kindof fun this year because Bridger has improved so much and we have had no problems with the umps or parents. That alone makes it more enjoyable!!! This year Bridger has learned how to pitch and has turned out to be pretty good at it!!! He has also played one game as catcher and was pretty good at that too!!! Yes I am going to brag about him because I am his mother and I get that priviledge!!! Ok so he is AWESOME!!!! They have only lost one game so far and we have two more before tournments start!!! I am really hoping they do good all the way to the end!!! Bridgers team had the opportunity to scrimage against the all star team yesterday and really held their own even with all the new rules!!! The coaches were even commenting on how well Bridger can pitch. One of them even ask him to try out next year!!! Wahoo Bridger you are AWESOME!!!! Now the good mom that I am I am not going to let him try out because he doesn't need to get cocky.... He is good where he is and is doing really well!!! Improving so much every year and still being a good sport about everything!!! Love that kid so much!!!!

Now on to Branson!!!! He is just out there to have fun and I love it!!! He is also really good!!! His age group has the coaches pitch so they are still learning how to not have the tee there to hit from.... His team has alot of kids that are new to baseball so they are learning all the rules still and sometimes it gets alittle intense. Branson can hit the ball really far when he connects with it and even got a dollar from his coach for catching a fly ball!!!! He was so excited!!! It was so awesome to watch his reactions!!! He is not as in to baseball as Bridger but he is just as good!!!!

Love these boys so much and enjoy all the time I get to watch them improve at all they love to do!!!