Sunday, February 23, 2014

Updates from the last year!!!

Well lets see what I can remember from the last year!! Kierady Jean was born on May 31, 2013 at 2:48 p.m. She was 7 lbs 3 ounces and 19 1/2 in long. She had to be in the NICU for 4 days because she turned blue and they couldn't figure out why. She ended up having really thick blood. They couldn't even get an IV in. It was really difficult to watch. The boys and Keema came in on Sunday to visit and I cried when they left. It was so hard to stay and watch them leave and not know when I could see them again cause the doctors were not very forth coming with information. In July we had a Hunt reunion at Minidoka Dam. It was a lot of fun! Then we had Kierady's blessing and next we went to Bear Lake with our friends! What a great summer!! Then our summer ended and we had to start school :( Bridger is the 7th grade! WOW! Branson is in the 4th grade! Broxton is in Kindergarten! So I have three kids in three different schools! Broxton has improved so much! I love Mrs. Plotts! I am so glad I sent him on. Bridger has had lots of BIG projects and I am not looking forward to High School. Branson is loving his teacher and wants to repeat the 4th grade! I have to get kids into bed so I will have to finish this another time!! But those of you who read this will finally see a picture of our sweet Kierady!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Well here I am at 29 weeks and I have already had to quit teaching gymnastics and this will probably be my last week for preschool :( For some reason this time I keep getting the stomache flu and it starts my contractions. So this new thing we tried obviously did not work for me. The doctors still want me to continue the shots because the "research" shows that it helps. But I am pretty sure its not helping me and all it is, is a pain in my butt that I could definetly live without!! So once again I am having to try to stay down to get this baby to stay in as long as possible. This is proving to be the hardest thing since I do have a 1 1/2 year old that still wants her mom!! I love her to death and I don't want her to feel pushed aside at all. I also have a 5 year old that still wants to be 2 so I need to be sensitive to him also. He is having a really hard time growing up and is very immature for his age. I really don't know what to do for him. I know I should hold him back in preschool but I really don't want to cause that gives him another year to be immature. Well for now this is it! Keema is wanting to take a nap so we better go lay down!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Well since no one reads this I think I am pretty safe to write on here! The Widmier family is expecting baby #5! Its another girl and she is do in June. So far this pregnancy has been fairly easy because I didn't really find out I was pregnant until I was 17 weeks. I think that is the best way to be pregnant!!! I am really hoping to make it to May before I have to stay down. I am trying the progesterone shots once a week to see if they help. So far all they do is make my bum hurt lots :( I am really worried about how Broxton is going to handle another baby. He is already having a really hard time because everything is not about him. I really hope he does a lot of growing up this summer cause kindergarten is going to be really hard on him. I am sure everything will eventually work out but for now I stress lots!!! We also are now being forced to finally get a bigger car. We are not going to be able to cram any more of us into our poor little Honda :( darn it! Hopefully we can find something cheap for now since we can't afford much more than that. I am still going to be working at the preschool and at the gym so hopefully I can find someone to watch both the girls. I am really excited to be having another girl for Keema to play with. I just hope they get along better than Kortni and I did!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bridger's Birthday!

Wow I can't believe my little preemie of 4lbs is 12 years old! The time has gone by soooo fast. Bridger I just want you to know what a joy and a blessing you are in our home. You are such a good kid! You are such a talented young man ( aahh I can't believe I just called you a man! You are growing up so fast!) You excel at everything that you try and are not afraid to try! I love you so much! I hope that you will always remember that!!!
Now for your birthday party! I hope that you had fun and that you got what you wanted! I had a lot of fun putting it all together!!! It was a Boise State theme, so we had orange and blue balloons and your very own wall of crepe paper (of course blue and orange) then we got you a Boise state cake!! I love how it turned out and everyone in the store loved it too!!! After we had cake and ice cream we took you and your friends to the haunted straw maize...Yes everyone got scared!! But next time we will remember to take inhalers with us!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

This year we actually went on a vacation with just our family and nobody killed anyone! It was amazing! We went to Victor, Id and stayed in Heidi and Shannon's house and then drove through Teton National Park and Yellowstone Park. We got to see a lot of trees and road but no and I mean no animals. We walked around Old Faithful and got to see it go off twice which was pretty cool. No body got sunburned except for me of course. Then we drove back to Victor threw Island Park and we stopped at a Outdoorsmen place where they had tents and tents of indian stuff. The boys all bought wooden guns and knives and crossbows. I really think that was the highlight of the trip!
What great memories!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 months

Wow I cant believe its been 7 months. Keema is sitting up really well. She can roll onto her yummy but she can't roll back to her back so she lays there like a beached whale and cries. She can push up onto her knees but can't go any further which is fine with me. I am not ready for crawling yet. I need to have time to do some deep cleaning! She has had her first sinus infection but surprisingly no ear infections knock on wood!!! She is such a nice addition to our family..Just love her!!! The boys are into baseball so we are running every night to either a game or a practice. We now have all three boys playing so we just live baseball! This last week of school is so out of control. Everyday the kids have something. I am trying to do so much with Shannon before she moves. We are going to miss them so much. Well keels is done being good so hopefully I will write more later!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catch up!!!

Ok Aunt Jana and Kristy this is for you.... I went and stole my moms computer so I could update by blog for you two!!! Wow so much has happened I am really not sure where to start. Bridger is doing turkeys this year so we have eight turkeys. They started out in our garage and were quite fun to watch. They grow so fast!!! They are now outside because it was getting to warm in the garage and they were starting to stink. I just knew once we put them outside they were toast but some how they survived and Gunner has not found a way in yet. They have even made it through this crazy weather we have been having....wind, rain, snow, and more wind. So we only need three turkeys to take to the fair so if anyone wants a turkey you know where to find one!!! :)
Let me see the next big thing I think was Easter.. The boys got irrigation boots which they weren't too excited about except Broxton. He wore his everywhere. To school and tried to wear them to church be we put an end to that!! I think they had a good day I know they all looked really cute and church was really spiritual and I hope my boys remember why we have easter!!!
I totally forgot about having Kortni's girls here. We had so much fun with them. They came down for their spring break which was a week after ours but we still tried to do alot with them. I had a girl from out ward come over one night and paint their faces!!! It was so much fun!! They all wanted more and more and more!!! Sorry Hanna once again we dyed her hair pink and it didn't come out :(
Keema and I even got in on the action!!! You can't really see it but Keema has a flower on her hand!!! I know I am going to forget something important but for now I will just move on!!! Keema is now 6 months old!!! She sits up all by her self and she has been eating solid food since she was 4 months. She is 15 lbs and 26 in tall. She is in the 75% for her height and head and 50% for her weight. She still has not figured out how to sleep all night but I am trying to work on that even though I am so exhausted. I know she can do it so we just walk around all night!! Don't ya just love babies!!! Branson is convinced she has said her first word... oh good.... that was her first few words!!! It does sound like it but she just babbles all the time. She loves laughing at the boys and gets so excited when her dad comes home!!! She does cry though when I leave the room and she doesn't stay with others very well at all. I am trying to fix her of this but I can't stand to have her cry for so long and not be able to comfort her and some have said it is too much for them so she continues to go everywhere with me. She does roll over but not unless she really really wants something. She has figured out that someone will move her if she gets stuck so she doesn't roll very often!!! A little spoiled YES!!! I do believe she is but everyone just can't help it she is just so cute!!! :)
A while ago I got to babysit my friends baby who is 6 weeks younger than Keema. It was just like having twins. Oh my am I so glad I didn't have twins. I was glad to have Branson there to help me. Keema was not liking sharing me with Kate. She would look at us and just cry until I could put Kate down and pick her up. They were quite funny and Kate was so good to just sit in the swing. They are really cute together though and I hope they become really good friends!!!
For now this is going to have to be enough cause I need to get some house work done :( But I do have to say I have great kids. We were at a funeral yesterday and Bridger had to watch 5 kids while we were in the family prayer and so many people came up to me to tell me how well he did!!! I am so proud to be their mother!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Broxton's broken arm!

Well today Broxton broke his arm by rolling off the couch. We had only be home from church for about 45 min. When Collin came upstairs saying Britni we have to go to the emergency room Broxton just broke his arm. So I called my dad and told him to get down here and then off we go. Broxton cried all the way in and when we were checking in and then once we got in the room with cartoons he was fine as long as no one touched his arm. He screamed during the x-ray, which I dont blame him. Then they had to give him an IV and that really got him curious and then he say the needle and the crying started again. Dr. Peterson came in and they started the drugs, once he was almost out Dr. Joe set his arm and it was over just like that and Broxton started getting really talkative. He kept saying it tickles, it tickles. He was really funny!! Now everything is I cant do that cause I broke my arm!!! I don't really understand how he can jump off every piece of furniture we have and then he breaks his arm by rolling off the couch ..... ummmm????? I am very surprised this is our first broken arm or bone or anything!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Jana this post is for you!!! Just a couple of updates on Keema!! She is finally 10 lbs and doing good... She loves to smile and just look at herself in the mirror!!! She is finally liking her swing when she's in the mood!!! She is out growing the newborn clothes and I can put her down for longer than 2 seconds and she will just talk and talk to herself and anyone that will talk back!!! She is a better picture taker than the boys are. She will look and the camera and follow it!!! Really fun to take pictures of her so she already has more than the boys!! sorry boys :(


This is christmas in a nutshell!! I have tons of pictures but I don't want to wait for them to load!! We started out at mom and dad's for christmas eve... We had dinner with the missionaries and then played bingo and don't eat rudolf... The we headed home and waited for Santa!! The boys woke up at about 8 and we had to hurry through christmas to get to church on time at 10.. We had a very nice christmas and the little church meeting made it even better... I do have to admit I was not excited about getting ready to go to church but was very glad we went. It was a very nice touch to remind us all about what the true meaning of Christmas really is!!! Then we went to mom and dads again to open more gifts and play for awhile and then we went to grandma mimi's house and this I do believe was the first year ever that we were there before any of the other Hunts!!! They are always waiting on the "Becks" but this year we got to wait on the "Hunts" Thank you Kaela!!! Love it!!! We had a very nice time at grandma's and really enjoyed watching her open her gifts that she never wants!!! Love you soo much grandma!!!! Kortni and I really got her this year though and I hope she doesn't hate us too much!!! Keema made this christmas a lot of fun with her smiles and everyone spoiling her so much!!! Broxton was really fun too he got so excited he opened alot of everyone's presents!!! Love that we got to spend so much time with family on different days!!! It was so much better!!! Love it all and all my family!!!!