Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Basketball Camp

This year I got the opportunity to take the boys to a basketball shooting camp in Salt Lake City. It was alot of fun of them and for me!!! The guy putting on the camp was Johnnie Bryant. He played for the Utes. He was the nicest guy I have ever met. He was not stuck up in anyway. They gave all the moms mother day cards (it was mother's day weekend) and then he sat and talked with us while we were waiting for everyone to get there. He even stayed late and played lightning one more time with the boys!!!!

4th Grade trip!!!

This year Bridger got to go to Boise for his 4th grade trip. So the fantastic mom that I am I decided to go as a chaperon. Why I thought being on a bus with a bunch of 4th graders for 12 hours would be fun I am really not sure. I am glad I got to go and get to know his friends:) I haven't been able to do much with him since he moved to White Pine so this was a good opportunity for both of us!!! We started out at the Pentintary. This was a very interesting tour. They got to lock them up in one of the cells and then all the adults walked out and left them there!!! It was pretty fun but i think a few panicked just a little. I have tons of pictures from the jail but then my battery died so I don't have any from the the next two places we went. This is not working like I want it to so I will just continue instead of fight with it. The next place we went was the zoo. This part was not fun at all because we barley had enough time to eat let alone go see the animals so of course the kids decided to see the animals instead of eat and we were not suppose to eat on the bus. I let the kids around me eat because you can not expect these growing boys to eat only once in a twelve hour period and yes we got in trouble but hey they weren't hungry and grouchy!!! So after the fun 30 minutes at the park we headed to the capital. That was fun and the tour guide was good and it was fun to see where Jakobi worked while she was there. Bridger thought that was really neat!!! Go Jake!!! Then by the time the tour was over we had an extra hour to spare but by this time it was raining to we decided to head for home!!! It was fun and I think the kids learned alot but I am glad I have a few years to recupe before I go again with Branson!!!!