Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert!!!

I think Shannon got the best picture on her camera so you will have to see it when she posts!!!

Last night Shannon, Shantala, and I went to the Taylor Swift concert in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun!!! I can't believe all the people who were there. It was loud!!! All the fans were going crazy and she couldn't believe how loud they were. She even walked through the crowd and gave people hugs and gave autographs during her songs. It was so neat to see!!! It was also fun to just get away with no kids and do what we want. Thank you Shantala for inviting me!!! I am dead tired today but it was so worth it and I am glad I decided to go!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Branson's Preschool Program!!!

This is Bransons program and I really hope I can get the video to load because he did so good. I am so proud of him!!! All the kids did great and I was so excited to be a part of it and to see them perform it just makes you cry to see them do so good and then know you probably won't see them again. Anyway it was a fun day and I hope all the kids have a great summer and BRANSON YOU ROCK!!! I love you so much and I am really excited for you to finally get to go to kindergarten. I will miss you tons though@!!!!

Kalan's Graduation!!!

This is at Kalan's Masters graduation. He was one of the first to go through so we decided to let the people around us watch the rest of graduation and we all went outside to wait for Kalan. So of course we all took pictures and Korbi and Jake got more that were alot better so I will let them post them. Anyway Collin and I haven't had a picture together for along time so here ya go!!!! Then of course Broxton is just too cute so he got lots of him!!!

The first pictures are of Kalan doing his last jump off the steps of his college were he spent alot of his time. As always my boys had to follow in his footsteps so watch out Bubba my boys are watching your every move!!!! What a great uncle to follow though!!! You are awesome and we are so proud of you!!! WE LOVE OUR BUBBA!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Boise trip

Kalans thesis presentation. This was really neat to go to and I feel bad that I was in and out so much. I think Kalan did an awesome job and the critics were just so below him that they didn't know how to question him. He got some really good compliments and needs to listen to them and not the critics. Kalan you are awesome, brilliant, and the best uncle ever!!!!
What a stud!!! So professional!!!

All of us. I think we took up most of the room!!! What a great support group Kalan!!!!

Lizzy on her blessing day!!! She looked gorgeous in her dress and was so good for her blessing!!! We all had a good time and the boys wanted to stay longer of course but I don't think any of us needed the stress!!! It was so good to see you Jake and thank you for a great day!!!! She is beautiful!!!!

Easter Sunday!!!

Collin had an early morning meeting so I was trying to keep the boys entertained as long as I could before we all ran out to see what the Easter bunny brought so we took tons of pictures and Broxton was not happy at all!! But it was fun and we finally had a sunday with no fighting. I also cooked dinner for Grandma mimi, Bob and Diane, Papa goose and Justin. I was so not used to cooking and I forgot to put the ham in thr crock pot so I had to run home during the primary program. But everything worked out great and it was fun!!!`

Our very first tree!!! We planted 10 trees in between us and Barrus'. It was a great family home evening.

More moving!!!

Broxton's usual place!!! Yelling da da da please come get me!!!!
My car is actually in the garage!!! Wel for a few days anyway!!! Then we started getting the driveway ready for cement so I haven't been able to park in the garage since!!!

Broxton was the only one who had a place to sit for a couple of weeks!!!

Branson helping me unpack the dishes!!!


Branson, Bridger and Brock moving Bridger's mattress!! (well trying anyway)
Bridger hanging up his first poster!!!

Several people that I had bought a pink stove and a green dishwasher so I had to get a picture of them!!! I actually thought it would be cool to have different colored appliances!!!

I still have my old washer and dryer!!! Darn it!!!1

Broxton's First Birthday!!!

This is Broxton's first Birthday and as you can tell by the date on the pictures we celebrated it alittle late. Actually my mother in law did all this because I was not going to have a party for him until we were in our house. So this worked out really well because I don't know if I would have ever had a party for him. What an aweful mom I am. Anyway he loved all the balloons and played with them all afternoon. I can't believe he is one and walking and everything. Where has my baby gone??? Many of you know we have been having a really rough time with him and we are still not sure what is going on. He had tubes in his ears and we have had two infections since then, he has a bad digestive system so I am always washing clothes. But I would not trade him in for anything. He is so cute and loves to flirt with anybody. He still has a little tint of red hair which I love and I hope it stays!!! He loves to give me kisses to wake me up in the morning. He loves it when his brothers will play with him. He LOVES his dad and is always sad when he can't go outside with him or go to work with him in the mornings!!!! We love you Broxton and hope you get feeling better!!!